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fragmented is a band. out of new orleans.

the remarkable freedom of ideation: the best of fragmented. available now. listen to/buy the album here

ambient? industrial? experimental? spooky? brooding? strange. smooth/soothing to discordant and everything in-between.

contact fragmented if you're interested in... well, whatever. licensing (on to the serious business: perfect for movies/tv/any type of sound bed). you like the music. you hate the music. you just want to talk.

you need more detail? let's try to describe fragmented.

what if frank zappa, nine inch nails, brian eno, aphex twin, sonic youth, and cabaret voltaire had the same dream at the same time? maybe that's fragmented.

fragmented is a creation of one person(?) ego(?) being(?) over the past 25 years. a soundtrack... smooth yet discordant. to some it's just weird, to others it works for something. what that something is, that's for the listener to define. it's like a found object. fragmented is out of new orleans, that may help explain some things. listen to fragmented with the lights out.

fragmented may be soothing, it may be grating. it's an emotional waveform.

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maybe for some reason you'd like a track listing? the click-able ones, well, you can listen to on youtube

01 comma
02 mild, human
03 simple chemistry
04 pushing the balance
05 the night wild died
06 the invisible subject
07 the violet transfer
08 the point of breaking inches closer
09 deflection of light
10 all the many flavors
11 cease to occur
12 rhapsody in minor green
13 disturbance in the think tank
14 the end of yesterday
15 the essence of agony
16 puppets of happiness

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